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Streamline the functioning of your Home Kitchen with the PoketPOS APP.

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A Home Kitchen essentially caters to serving home-cooked food to its clientele. With the emphasis being on providing wholesome and nutritious meals, a Home kitchen faces challenges of maintaining sufficient inventory, timely preparation, tracking orders, delivery, billing, and payments.

The PoketPOS APP helps you streamline these tasks so that they operate efficiently akin to well-oiled machinery. Moreover, you can get real-time data for incisive business analytics and timely interventions.

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Seamless integration with Card, QRcode, and other payment gateways.

Wider outreach through integration with other market aggregators.

One-point menu management for food aggregators.

Maintain Reorder Level for better margins.

Allows planning for quicker preparation and service to customers.

Arrangement of delivery boys through PoketPOS.

Analyze live data to incorporate changes on the go.

Get real-time reports and sales updates to take appropriate decisions for your business.

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PoketPOS Basic Edition

Express Billing Option to expedite the ordering process.

Helps Up-selling using Customer Front APP for customer delight.

Multi Brands can be created without extra cost.

Control Food Cost to increase profitability.

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PoketPOS Online Orders Integration

Wider outreach through integration with all food aggregators.

One-point menu management for food aggregators

Reduction in cancellation of orders

Enhances customer delight and satisfaction.

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PoketPOS Feedback and Loyalty

Revisit and revise marketing and promotional activities.

Understand and serve your customers better.

Increase brand recall and footfalls.

Capture customer data for future activities.

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PoketPOS Dashboard

Real-time notificationsfor timely action.

Analyze live data to incorporate changes on the go.

Control pilferage of items from outlets.

Streamline marketing activities as per feedback.

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