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Efficiently manage your retail outlet selling Bakery and Snack items with the help of the PoketPOS APP.

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Customers visit a retail outlet selling Bakery and Snacks to buy confectionery items. These outlets face the challenges of having the items prepared in advance, storing optimal stock, giving prompt service to guests, billing, payment, and delivery.

Now, all of the above can be seamlessly integrated through the PoketPOS APP giving enhanced customer satisfaction and leading to increased profitability. Utilize the features of the PoketPOS APP to allow your customers to select items from the digital display, get intimation on non-availability of items, and place orders.

Additionally, you can manage inventory, integrate payments, arrange for delivery, get insights from customer feedback, implement loyalty programs, and get live reports on sales. Another important aspect that you can facilitate with the help of the PoketPOS APP is its integration with the weighing scale leading to direct reading of the accurate weight.

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Improves transparency and reduces errors while ordering.

Provides safe and contactless experience for Guests.

Reduces crowding at the Pickup Counters.

Real-time status on current orders allows for any intervention if necessary.

Retain existing customers and add new ones with unique loyalty programs.

Make optimum use of resources and reduce pilferage and shortage.

Customized reports on the go for efficient decision-making.

Seamless integration with Card, QRcode, and other payment gateways.

Automatic intimation on non-availability of menu items when an order is placed on the digital menu.

Arrangement of a delivery boythrough PoketPOS.

Live data on stock consumption and levels for effective operations.

Facilitates reading of accurate weight directly from the Essae Bluetooth weighing scale.

Tracking of orders by delivery Boys for timely delivery.

Get actionable insights from customer feedback.

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PoketPOS Basic Edition

Express Billing Option to expedite the ordering process.

Helps Up-selling using Customer Front APP for customer delight.

Multi Brands can be created without extra cost.

Control Food Cost to increase profitability.

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PoketPOS Inventory Management

Manage the circulation of stock between outlets to control costs.

Accurate food costing along with variance for more profitability.

Notifications and alerts to avoid shortage of raw materials.

Customized reports on the go for efficient decision-making.

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Faster and error-free intimation of orders to different departments.

Allows planning for quicker preparation and service to customers.

Increases convenience and reduces order execution time for staff members.

Real-time status on current orders allows for any intervention if necessary.

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PoketPOS Digital Menu

Provides safe and contactless experience for Guests.

Customization or orders enhances customer delight .

Upselling of menu items increases profitability.

Reduces error and saves time.

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PoketPOS Customer Front App

Improves transparency and reduces errors while ordering.

Increases profitabilityor revenue for the outlet.

Feedback on employees for further action.

Enriches customer satisfaction and delight to build a loyal base of clients.

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PoketPOS Online Orders Integration

Wider outreach through integration with all food aggregators.

One-point menu management for food aggregators

Reduction in cancellation of orders

Enhances customer delight and satisfaction.

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PoketPOS Feedback and Loyalty

Revisit and revise marketing and promotional activities.

Understand and serve your customers better.

Increase brand recall and footfalls.

Capture customer data for future activities.

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PoketPOS Dashboard

Real-time notificationsfor timely action.

Analyze live data to incorporate changes on the go.

Control pilferage of items from outlets.

Streamline marketing activities as per feedback.

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